Pocket Racers - Sony PSP

Pocket Racers - Sony PSP
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In Pocket Racers, you and your friends are trapped in tiny, shrunken cars -- and you the only way back to normal is on the racetrack! Race to the finish line in order to save yourself or risk losing your soul forever. It's a high speed chase and you are in the driver's seat to control your fate. Be sure you cross that finish line in time, or you and your friends will really be running on empty. Race against the evil Nemesis to protect your friend's souls and foil his evil demise
  • Hit the road in a miniature sized car and experience the world at the micro level
  • Multiple game modes for single-player and multi-player racing, including time-trial, soul race, versus and more
  • 15 different racing tracks filled with branches, short-cuts, jumps, dynamic objects and other obstacles
  • Collect power-ups ranging from nitro boosts to homing missiles to take on your opponents
  • Choose from 16 different vehicles in the game, including rear-wheel drive sports cars to four-wheel drive off roaders - each vehicle offers special advantages to particular race tracks
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