Media/Impact: An Introduction to Mass Media

Media/Impact: An Introduction to Mass Media
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Media/Impact: An Introduction to Mass Media

Product DescriptionFrom media history to today's rapid-fire changes, MEDIA/IMPACT: AN INTRODUCTION TO MASS MEDIA, 12th Edition takes you on an exciting tour of the events, people, money, and technologies that have shaped the mass media industries. Known for its engaging writing style, current coverage, and visual appeal, the book explores the legal, ethical, social, and global issues facing the mass media industries every day. The twelfth edition focuses on convergence--how the mass media industries are intersecting to deliver content and how audiences are adapting to the new mass media marketplace. It also equips you with an insider's look at what it's like to work in each industry. Reflecting the latest trends from the field, the text provides new coverage of digital delivery, net neutrality, media industry consolidation, social media, mobile media, and more. It is also packed with lively new illustrations and a wealth of real-world examples.Review"One of the most engaging Mass Communication textbooks. Biagi presents a thorough and balanced exploration of media and its supporting industries. Her writing challenges students to understand the uses of media and the potential future impact that media will have on all of our lives.""MEDIA/IMPACT is a terrific introductory mass communication textbook, with excellent supplemental materials for instructors and a manageable amount of content for students. The chapters are organized in a way that connects the historical and current trends of the media with the students' lives."About the AuthorShirley Biagi is a professor in the Department of Communication Studies at California State University, Sacramento. Her bestselling text, MEDIA/IMPACT: AN INTRODUCTION TO MASS MEDIA, is also published in Canadian, Greek, Spanish, and Korean editions. Biagi has authored several other Wadsworth Communication texts, including MEDIA/READER: PERSPECTIVES ON MASS MEDIA INDUSTRIES, EFFECTS AND ISSUES and INTERVIEWS THAT WORK: A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR JOURNALISTS. Along with Marilyn Kern-Foxworth, she is co-author of FACING DIFFERENCE: RACE, GENDER AND MASS MEDIA.

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